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Ninetoes & Davide Squillace presents Kuneh

Ninetoes returns home to 'Head To Toe' with an exciting new series of releases, the first of which takes on an added layer of depth with the involvement of Davide Squillace, whose Italian tech prowess is well-regarded across the global electronic music scene.

'Kuneh' promises to be an unbridled celebration of Ninetoes' unmistakable sonic identity. From the quirky vocal samples to the infectious drum patterns, the track exemplifies the very essence of Ninetoes' artistry, enriched further by Davide Squillace's inimitable Italian tech flair and unparalleled dynamism that complements Ninetoes’ sound beautifully. The collaborative effort results in a sonic feast that is as engaging as it is dance-inducing.

Mark your calendars for September 1st, as 'Kuneh' is all set to grace the airwaves and streaming platforms, heralding an exciting new chapter in Ninetoes' already illustrious career.


1) Ninetoes & Davide Squillace - Kuneh (Original Mix)

2) Ninetoes & Davide Squillace - Kuneh (Edit)


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