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Oscar Mic are a three-piece band from East London that fuse rap, post-punk and pop to create a freakishly satisfying sound. Imagine Beck meets Sleaford Mods, meets Slow Thai.

After crafting his sound as a one-man band at gigs with bad sound and perplexed-looking punters Seamus Hayes decided to morph Oscar Mic into a band. Seamus welcomed in old friend and drummer Taan Parker from previous project Shuffle and bass player Rez Erex, an enthusiastic music obsessive and riff machine. 'Sun Star' is the first release in this new formation.

'Sun Star' is an angsty offering, backed with an infectious beat and vocal delivery from Seamus Hayes that oozes with attitude. Speaking about the track, he says: 'The song starts with what seems like an apology. It's been a crazy year of self-reflection and self-improvement and I owe most of it to my girlfriend. The verses are in some way directed to my girlfriend.

'Red Killer Mars' is about the impact of relentless wars and the innocents that suffer.

The Sun Star may represent the opposite of Killer Mars. Creativity and enlightenment. I’ve been learning a bit about astrophysics and quantum dynamics recently. It makes everything else seem a little absurd.'

The music video directed by Dovile Meilute features Oscar Mic's trademark acid visuals. Talking about her inspiration Meilute says: 'The whole video is based on the circular motion of the archetype of the wheel of life. No matter what the wheel will keep spinning producing new cycles. Always the same always different. Everything is part of the same experience at some point in its existence, meaning we are all on the same wheel spinning non-stop with our highs and lows.'

Oscar Mic's quirky sound has been championed by Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Tom Robinson on 6Music, John Kennedy at Radio X and The Daily Star. Key bookings to date include Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Oxjam and The Berlin Music Video Awards. Their debut album will be released next year.



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