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Past, present and future meet in the peak time of the track: listen now to "London Acid City"...

Past, present and future meet in the peak time of the track: listen now to "London Acid City", by the Brazilian

The EP was released by Kaligo Records and features remixes by Ella De Vuono and Voxicode

By Mia Lunis

From the northeast of Brazil to the world, Monic (BR) carries the sonic weight to impact dancefloors around the world with his fervent Techno, and has just released a new EP with this potential, being welcomed back to the catalog of the solid Brazilian techno label, Kaligo Records. “London Acid City” is a promising follow-up to the hit single “Janna”, signed by the same label, which has toured the globe and received support from greats such as Sama Abdulhadi, Christian Varela, Bad Panda and others.

London Acid City” is first-rate techno that envelops and embraces the dancefloor, emitting a breath of freedom and innovation. The EP hit the platforms on August 4th, with the title track presenting a sound bridge that unites past, present and future in elements that escape the obvious and mesmerize from the intro, making it necessary in the Peak Time of the dancefloors.

As well as the original mix, the release also features competent remixes by Ella De Vuono and Voxicode. Ella has opted for magnetic beats that connect body and mind on the dancefloor, in the certainty that the sound of this remix will evoke a growing and permanent state of euphoria on the dancefloor.

Voxicode is fast and deadly and has employed speed, dynamism and precision in his version of the track. In this way, it closes London Acid City the way it should: by instigating a request for a replay.

Check it out!

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