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Pegasvs presents New World Energy

Burnin Music bossman Pegasvs returns with his frst new material in several years, and it's a classy collection that's been worth waiting for.

'(No) Peace' begins the journey: a languid slice of ambient / downtempo beauty with hypnotic spoken word vocals from MA.MOYO which eases you into the EP in meditative fashion.

'Take It' ushers us more towards the dancefoor with some mellow synth-funk stylings and punchy raps from The S.O.S. weaving in and out of Twyla's effortlessly yearning vocals.

'Traffc Jam' is a sumptuous patchwork of deep house motifs, where Rhodes chords, funky guitar fecks and plump bass tones interplay beautifully, and 'La Nuit' rounds off in stripped-back Detroit house style—all murky chord stabs, throbbing low end and classic drum beats.


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