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PREMIERE: Dikron - Forsaken Dreams (Original Mix) [Teqwave Records]

Our Split 04 arrived signing the 16th release on our record label. We continue with a proper compilation full of the new Teqwave style tunes, this time adding a particular classic Techno touch. We want to share and make the new sound of the brand transcend, going back to the club roots with minimal overtones, but without forgetting our Indie roots.

We have got new additions to the team and the current situation under quarantine and covid make us want to show this incredible release with all local artists, helping and fighting the crisis in the musical industry. We have collaborations of top artists joining our usual residents in constant growth and promotion.

We present the Dikron track, forceful, overwhelming and hypnotic, which plays with a multitude of resources, to configure a unique and singular unit. Its sound easily transports us to another dimension. A candy that you can not miss. Enjoy it!


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