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PREMIERE: Drumwarp - Omertà [Immanent Recordings]

Drumwarp launches Immanent Recordings with his debut ‘Outer Time’ LP on Friday 13th August. Born out of the existential tension of the first lockdown, fight/flight survival instincts were redirected into 13 dark and unrelenting tracks that draw from jungle, d&b, breakbeat, garage, broken beat, electro, acid, techno and psychedelia.

‘Awade’ starts the album at 160BPM with processed African drums, rolling subs and call & response vocals. ‘Th!nk’ takes things up another gear, employing classic bboy breaks to construct an aggressive jungle behemoth. While ‘Organised Chaos’ sees Drumwarp join forces with Lion Yute, an MC gaining serious traction in the Liverpool underground. His two verses call out the systemic evils of racism atop chopped breakbeats, commanding percussion and brooding Reese basslines.

Pairing dusty jungle with Sufi vocal and flute, ‘The Unification’ builds tension with pitched-down amens and chopped-up folk drums, which is unleashed with those same drums at 160 alongside roots reggae and hip-hop samples. Working with multi-instrumentalist and founder of Keep It Cryptic, Guevarism, ‘Back Into Time’ is a track that occupies its own space somewhere between dub, garage, trap, bruk and psychedelia.

Broken beats, bouncy synths and wonky garage sub-bass are underpinned by hip—hop and soul vocal samples in ‘Cheeba’. Nothing can be said about ‘Omertà’, except that it sits on the darker side of bruk, with hints of dub, Latin and breakbeat influences. ‘Where You At?’ is a track of two halves: playfully psychedelic ukg sets the scene with vocal adlibs, wobbling sub-bass and warped clock sounds before the track bursts into new life with a heavily chopped acid synth and familiar mid-‘90s vocal sample.

‘The Flow’ sits somewhere between electro, techno and footwork, repurposing a classic rave-era vocal sample to offer a new message. ‘Make ‘Em Clap (Get Crazy)’ is an unashamedly hyperactive beast that draws from hardcore, jungle and d&b, with hip-hop and funk vocal samples, effervescent acid flurries and a restless, ever-changing rhythm underpinned by a barrage of furious claps.

Re-pitched murkiness sets the tone for ‘No More Of That..!’, confrontational breakbeats that hark back to both the ‘90s jungle explosion and the pivotal early ‘80s sound system culture it was influenced by. Apocalyptic electro/d&b hybrid ‘Approaching Midnight’ is the fastest track on the album, with hip-hop and cult-classic film samples built around moody synths and metallic beats. ‘After The Afters’ concludes the album with an uncompromising d&b roller built around an esoteric vocal sample about death. Don’t fear the Mentasm...

More psychedelic, bass-heavy sounds imminent on Immanent Recordings.


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