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PREMIERE: Five Rituals - This (feat. Sheep Effect) [Ledotmat Musique]

Acclaimed Lithuanian electronic duo Five Rituals present their debut LP ‘V Rituals’ – a beautifully crafted, highly creative and beguiling album about love, despair, inner work and pollution in the outer world and the dangers we all face.

Utilising a selection of field recordings from now destroyed places, lockdown allowed Five Rituals - the duo comprised of Deividas Jaroška (Resident Advisor’s ‘one to watch’) and Andrius Grinevskis (aka Auren) - to make concrete connections in a moment creating a stunning cinematic journey.

The experimental ‘V Rituals’ cleverly fuses elements of breaks, dubstep, drum & bass, avant-garde, jazz, garage, ambient, and electronica to present a soundscape which is completely exciting and unique. The duo worked with guitarist and composer Edvis Kopcevas, violinists Lora Kmieliauskaite and Barbora Gailiute, plus saxophonist Simonas Šipavičius (from famous free jazz group Sheep Got Waxed) to refine the sound to a realm of electro-acoustic.

Chopped-up and glitched-out breaks, Musique Concrete cut up noise effects with cinematic sound design and earth-shaking wide bass as intricate programming makes the group stand out. No wonder, that both musicians are technical music nerds always looking to breaks rules! The music has a balance between both club and psychoacoustic experimentations. Featuring such celebrated musicians, it can work both at a rave act and also a concert.

Five Rituals are currently working on an exciting new live show featuring modern dancers and ballet dancers, alongside visual artists, to create A/V live experiences that will push conceptual art with nightlife culture.

The double LP is 100% recycled and eco-friendly - pressed on 100% recycled PVC, and the covers are printed on wood-free 350gsm 100% recycled uncoated card stock using plant-based inks, without shrink wrap.

At Chromatic we are pleased to present the track "This", feat. Sheep Effect. The track is as captivating as it is forceful, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented with a powerful style that ranges from classic to cutting edge. Enjoy!


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