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PREMIERE: Komodo - Monster [MMDiscos]

Actualizado: 16 jul 2021

Jakarta's based producer and Dj "Komodo" has been building thru years a great reputation in the underground electronic scene, signing astonishing works for well respected labels as "Cocktail d'Amore Music", "Ene Records" or "Not An Animal" and helping the Indonesian underground "disco-no-disco" scene to emerge thanks to his magnificent imprint "Akamady Records", pushing with talented djs and producers from Indonesia since 2013.

This is the first collaboration between MM Discos and Akamady Records, and for the occasion we have given them the helm of our ship in order the Indonesian guys take the control by bringing their sound to MM Discos. A trip that starts in Jakarta and ends up Berlin commanded by Komodo and his "protégé" Saturn.

"Thunder" and "Monster" are built from sickly percussions and obscure synths that evolve in highly addictive dark-mental rhythms getting both very influenced by wave and dark-disco.

Talented producer Saturn reworks "Thunder" guiding the track thru the same atmosphere that Komodo delivered first and doing his own thing by making something less hypnotic and more psychodelic than his mentor.

As we said before, "Thunder EP" is a trip that starts in Indonesia and lands in Berlin, a story of monsters, dragons, mirrorballs and dancefloors; take shelter, the storm is about to get where you at.

At Chromatic we are pleased to present the track "Monster". The track is as captivating as it is forceful, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented with a powerful style that ranges from classic to cutting edge. Enjoy!


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