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PREMIERE: Lemar Corange - Red Bright Orange And Blues (MI.RO Vocal Remix)

Actualizado: 1 jul 2021

The only permanent thing is change” says Marc Huri “I used to swear only by the city back in the days I lived in New York or Paris and now you can’t take me out of the countryside where I have been living for close to 10 years” Ever-changing and becoming, Marc’s latest musical project , “Lemar Corange” sees the light of day in 2021 after years of gestation started off in Ibiza. “March” features three original tracks and an all star cast of Paradise Children Records longtime collaborators and new faces on remix duties.

Eponymous title track „March“ opens proceedings setting a tone that’s tinged with melancholy yet deeply optimistic. Glitched out percussion and metallic guitars surround and pad Lemar Corange’s effusive vocals. Available in Radio Edit form, it also gets a synth-heavy redo from Abu Duque, while Plaisir de France amps up its dark disco appeal. Dark italo mainstay Theus Mago offers another synth-heavy, high tension rendition while Julien Aubert turns it into a dubby, minimalist arrangement.

"North Phase“ is a dreamy slice of indie pop that hinges on earworm-worthy guitar riffs, while Thomass Jackson’s remix adds space and gravitas, turning it into a playful performance. „Red, Bright Orange and Blues“ turns up the dynamism with its fast paced sung vocals and vivacious melody. Spanish producer MI.RO comes up with two alternate versions - one that channels on the vocals and the second, emphasising its instrumental dubby appeal.

We present the remix, "Red Bright Orange And Blues", by MI.RO, manages to show off an evolved, refined and enhanced sound, which consolidates the trajectory of a producer who does not lack notable virtues, presented with dark and singular nuances, which manage to give form a unique piece, as enjoyable in a club as at home.

Artist: Lemar Corange

Song Tittle: Red Bright Orange And Blues (MI.RO Vocal Remix)

Release: "March” EP

Catalog: PCR009

Label: Paradise Children Records

Release Date: 30/06/21

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