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PREMIERE: Ludviq - 111 (Didaskein Remix) [Bonkers Records]

Actualizado: 9 feb 2021

Ludviq crash lands onto Bonkers with his first full LP for the label. A young Mexican sound designer and also head of the label, presents “Vicium”, a fresh concept to the dance floor, full of new ideas, new sounds and also we are bringing a bunch of new artists to the label.

From Lithuania he have Aurum Miles, with an experimental and energetic remix, then comes Favio Inker from Argentina, with a banging and powerful remix, then comes all Mexican rising talents Chinosynth, with a deep and dark remix, Fausto with a psychedelic trip remix and Didaskein with a subdued and trippy remix.

At Chromatic we are pleased to present the remix "111", by Ludviq. The track is as captivating as it is punchy, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented with a powerful style that ranges from classic to edgy. Enjoy!


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