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PREMIERE: Plastic Skin - Como Tu [Majestic Casual Records]

Plastic Skin is a brand new project comprised of Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses, Mexico’s Eduardo Lopez, and newcomer Jorge Porragas. Their sound is a mixture of genres and influences oscillating between lo-fi beats, bossa nova, jazz, r&b and Latin music. The trio recently released their debut single 'No Plans' and sophomore offering 'Don’t You' to support from the online music community and are now following it up with the release of 'Como Tu' on June 30th via Majestic Casual.

Plastic Skin came to life after Donovan flew to Monterrey, Mexico to hang out with Eduardo. After a few months of working together, he discovered that one of the interns in Eduardo's studio was a talented vocalist, and they began collaborating. 'Don't You' was mixed and mastered by 2x RIAA certified Platinum engineer Javier Casanova (TRA TRA & TRA TRA REMIX by Guaynaa & Ghetto Kids).

The track "Como Tu" is as captivating as it is punchy, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented with a eclectic style that ranges from classic to edgy. Enjoy!


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