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PREMIERE: Tom Haw - Nothing Is Permanent (Original Mix)[WAREBLUES]

Tom Haw, young producer and WAREBLUES owner, debuts with a 4-track Deep House EP. "Spirit Of The 90’s" opens the presentation, the jackin' rhythm and the old keys come together to turn on the dance floor. "Cry For Love" continues, deep strings, funk bass and raw sound achieve true poetry. In the middle it's "Givin' Yourself", the vowels tell a story accompanied by a stomp rhythm. "Nothing Is Permanent" closes the EP, a sentimental track that stabs directly to the heart.

Artist: Tom Haw

Song Tittle: Nothing Is Permanent

Release: "Spirit Of The 90’s” EP

Catalog: WRB005


Release Date: 26/06/21 (Exclusive Beatport) 10/07/21 (General Release)

Tom Haw



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