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REVIEW: ART ALFIE presents ‘SOLON’ EP [Kwench Records]

Kwench Records is a label that brings house and techno together. Since its 2017 inception, the label has seen Cassy release music by tastemakers and originators that have been her record bag throughout. Players like Fred P, Ian Pooley, Sascha Dive, Sebo K, Art Alfie, as well as being a home for Cassy to express herself freely through curation and her own music.

Back for his second release is Stockholm artist Art Alfie with three diverse tracks ready to permeate dancefloors far and wide. ‘Arps For You’ described by Art Alfie as a “secret weapon of mine for many years, a 100% certified dancefloor bomb”. The classic house groove of ‘Runt Runt’ mixed with techno elements, LFO’s, and strings, and ‘The Philistines’ with its intriguing “stick it to the man” vocal sample, driving rhythms and emotives pads.

Art Alfie is a declaration of intentions in the latest trajectory of this artist, with more desire to experiment than to reaffirm his usual formulas. A album that offers us a deep journey full of textures that evoke freedom, like the sea breeze or a deep breath in the middle of nature. This renewed bet plays a lot, on its rails, with light-darkness.

Art Alfie consolidates itself with this EP with a more refined sound, but also raised from a creative point of view necessary to avoid falling into lethargy or boredom, to which the genre tends by inertia. From each note arises an accumulation of harmonic and melodic beauty, where the sounds evolve as we approach the central corpus of the theme, maintaining a constant rhythm, which makes us keep our feet on the ground, while the rest of the sounds free us. . and shoot us to the beyond

‘SOLON’ EP is a rarity that connects this producer with new sounds, but without losing its festive essence, where the differences between musical styles and eras mix and harmonize, with tremendous lightness. Art Alfie has shown us this with his album, because in dark times, good music is not only made of electronic darkness.


Release date: 15 April 2022

Label: Kwench Records

Format: Digital / download


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