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REVIEW: Coskun Karaca presents Psycho

Coskun Karaca that kind of artists who do not stitch without thread, who know what they are doing at all times and leave nothing to chance, although sometimes their decisions may seem unusual or out of place.

Now Coskun Karaca releases his latest song on the famous record label Time Records. I worked with Jodie Poye from England as a vocalist. Jodie wrote and sang the lyrics for the song. Between house and tech house, this track has been composed taking into account the dance floor and its psychology.

The track manages to provide introspection, an absorbing twilight energy and light, and that closes an album that knows how to turn musical pulp into a refreshing ambrosia juice. The more the track is listened to, the more difficult it is to locate it in a specific geographical place. His music seems to never solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to remain fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a quick vision of a body in motion, to the point of postulating itself as one of the true values ​​of the future of meek and shiny electronics. cum laude


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