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REVIEW: Digitalz presents "Imaginary Love"

Electro-pop duo Digitalz is back following the release of a series of lead singles including 'Beg For It' and 'Miss Me', the French duo finally present their 10-track debut album, 'Imaginary Love'. The Paris-based couple showcase their signature and versatile sound throughout the album, which spans various genres, including cinematic electronics and edgy pop. 'Imaginary Love', his latest EP, is an overwhelming narrative. Through solid arrangements and solid programming, this album becomes a vehicle for reverential music that manages to spill out enough of the artist's own ideas to shake off the high era. allowing it to exist in its own right as credible.

Digitalz manages to distill it admirably into an EP that turns out to be listened to from beginning to end.

Marking a pivotal moment in the project, Digitalz presents their first full-length album to the world and solidifies their place within the realm of dance music. The result is a record as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes over oneself like sweet poison, while progressively transporting us, as few producers with a certain fluidity are willing to do. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that this record is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present, which will remain in our memory forever. For records like this, we can continue to fight for a better future.

Available now on streaming platforms, the album prominently features the voices of ODESZA collaborator Naomi Wild, as well as Annika Wells, Mickey Shiloh and more.


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