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REVIEW: Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ (Todd Edwards Remix)

Iconic house label Strictly Rhythm have enlisted Grammy award winning house music legend Todd Edwards to remix the label’s classic track from “Little” Louis Vega - Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ released on 27 July.

Having shaped the face of house music since its inception in New York in 1989, Strictly Rhythm wanted to give two of its most famous house music anthems their first official remix in several years. Following the acclaimed recent Obskϋr remix of Barbara Tucker ‘Beautiful People’, New Jersey Producer & DJ Todd Edwards – who counts Masters At Work as one of his biggest musical influences – delivers a pulsating and vibrant garage infused update with the perfect homage to MAW’s tribal percussion.

Todd Edwards said: "Masters At Work have been one of the biggest inspirations for my music. So, it was an honour for me to be able to remix “Little” Louie Vega’s classic! I used to hear Louie play this on a Wednesday night at the Sound Factory hosted by diva Barbara Tucker herself! For the remix I made sure that the music was nothing short of positive vibes and also a nod to MAW’s tribal drums style. I put all my love into this mix, and I hope it makes everyone who hears it happy and inspired to dance!”.

Todd Edwards innovative blend of rhythmic, cut-and-paste vocal samples, rubbery baselines and slapping percussion helped propel Britain's Sunday club scene into the genuine phenomenon of Speed Garage. Recent remixes include Disclosure ‘Waterfall x Raye’ and Fatboy Slim ‘Rockafella Skank’.

Strictly Rhythm

Release date: 27 July

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