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REVIEW: Holger Zilske - On Repeat (incl. VRIL Rmx) [AEONIC]

The most visceral and elegant techno sub-label is back: AEON, with a new musical proposal, releasing a classic Electro / breakbeat EP by Holger Zilske, which includes a fantastic Vril remix entitled: "On Repeat".

Holger Zilske is no stranger to the electronic music scene.

Since his inception as a producer, DJ, performer, and sound designer, he has gained worldwide recognition with his well-known projects, having worked with artists such as Ellen Allien and Dave DK de Pampa on some of the most distinguished labels.

In "On Repeat", Holger Zilske shows his most personal work. This work is the consolidation of a career marked by the need to express his emotions through each of his pores. This last job lands this season and he does so marking a turning point in his career. The classic sounds of him with the ambient touch made him a very good fit in terms of sound to finish this impressive EP.

VRIL, known for his releases at Ostgut & Delsin, has become one of the most appreciated live shows in Techno.

lately. His remix respects the original track and adds a unique and singular forcefulness to it.

Holger Zilske's musical passion has led him to bring together multiple influences that he wanted to reflect on this latest album. Each of these themes is a demonstration of a work where elegance and quality go in equal measure. This album is a whole lesson, a form of meaning not only of music, but of culture, beyond the precarious status that currently prevails, as something expendable, as if music, books or art did not save us. Forget about this magmatic present for a moment, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by each one of the notes that this unique producer proposes to you, because within "On Repeat" you are safe and it seems that everything begins again.

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