REVIEW: Kmyle presents Time Odyssey EP

Since his Skryptöm debut, Kmyle has built an impeccable career. with his sensitive productions between raw techno, atmospheric melodies and organic landscapes. After his first album 'Northern Landscapes' released on the label of his friend and accomplice Electrical Rescue, with whom he shares the projects Möd3rn, Laval (Stockholm LTD), and some spatialized 360° performances,

Kmyle has released on many prestigious labels, such as such as Clergy (Clergyman), ARTS (Emmanuel), Matter (Mark Bailey), Mord (Bas Mooy), Beardman (Mark Broom), Break New

Soil (Gregor Tresher) and Astropolis Records. these adventures I've seen him collaborate on studio production with the cream of international artists such as Laurent Garnier, Voiski, James

Ruskin, Inigo Kennedy, Zadig, Extrawelt, Paul Ritch, Ilario Alicante, Drumcell, Flug and Cleric.

Hyperactive and prolific, Kmyle is a relentless producer and a experienced machine engineer. Just as comfortable in the studio and on stage, his euphoric live analog shows and DJ sets are the perfect synthesis of his pure and textured contemporary techno: a journey into dazzling soundscapes blurred in space-time that can venture into icy and melancholy depths, as well as

robust and dangerous turbulence.

In 2020 he took a new step and launched his own label Kmyle. Records, inaugurated by 'Wasteland', praised a sweeping first EP by his companions (Ellen Allen, Amélie Lens, Emmanuel...) and the international press (XLR8R, Faze...). It didn't take long for this ambassador of the new generation to become one of the most exciting producers in France, whose name now resonates far beyond borders, taking you to the best clubs and festivals on the international electronic scene: Razzmatazz, Griessmuhle, Arena Berlin, Concrete, Egg London, Rex Club, Piknic Electronik,

Tbilisi, Gareporto, Lantern Beijing, Possession, Astropolis, to name a few.

“Time Odyssey EP” is a complete declaration of both artists, with more desire to experiment than to return to their usual formulas. This album offers us a deep journey full of environmental textures that evoke freedom, like the sea breeze or a deep breath in the middle of nature. This renewed bet plays a lot, on its rails, with light-darkness. From each note arises a cluster of harmonic and melodic beauty, where the sounds evolve as we approach the central corpus of the theme, maintaining a constant rhythm, which makes us keep our feet on the ground, while the rest of the sounds free us. . and shoot us to the beyond

We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that this work is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present that will remain in our memory forever.

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