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REVIEW: M.O.O.N. presents ‘Come! See!!!’ LP

Actualizado: 21 may 2022

Boston-born and now Lisbon-based Producer & DJ M.O.O.N. presents his powerful and atmospheric “Come! See!!” album – the first ‘M.O.O.N.’ LP in nearly 5 years.

Released on 18 May, M.O.O.N. describes 'Come! See!!' as "a therapy session in album form", as he re-opens the M.O.O.N. chapter of his life, exploring new directions and old processes to present a look at how he has evolved in the decade since the first MOON EP, which became a cult classic following its inclusion in the ‘Hotline Miami’ computer game.

'Come! See!!' is a serious work, taken care of to the millimeter, that lends itself to starting it and not coming back to reality until it's finished: the headphones are like the oxygen cylinder that allows you to dive to the bottom of this great rotation sonic, from this cosmic orbit, and being there in a state of hypnotic fascination.

In this world where speed is desperately sought and attention deficit is so high, such an album will be misunderstood among many people, even dismissed as really important. But you just have to be patient and want to stop, breathe, sink into it, hold on there as long as you can and admire its interior.

Released 18 May

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