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Mass Experience are Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton. They met twenty-five years ago, their desire fused by a love of emerging technologies and the explosion of dance music that blew their young minds off indie music. From spinning breakbeat and promoting some of Sydney's most legendary

underground rave parties in the '90s, to designing many of the scene's most iconic club flyers and

record label artwork as self-taught graphic artists, the duo have successfully moved and woven

with the underground culture movement

Now Mass Experience is back with So High Remixes, expanding Katie M Little's voice into exciting new genres. The remixes of ALOU from Australia, Mike Jolly from the UK and a mix of Minimal Tech from VALENTINA from New Zealand, take the album to a new dimension.

This music, full of multiple axes, results in a work that, above all, is defined by its great personality. All the compositions will make you travel and flood you with breaths of fresh air.

We do not know where to register this latest work, as he is able to navigate between various genres with ease and mastery. We could say that his retro-futuristic electronic cut is the most honest and eclectic to date. This latest work, so narrative and cinematographic, invites us to enjoy it both at home and on the dance floor.


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