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REVIEW: Mr. Sosa presents Waverider

Bournemouth-based Mr. Sosa has gone from strength to strength over the past two years and has made a serious name for himself on the house and breakbeat scene, known for his menacing tart lines and catchy chords. Now he publishes his track Waverider is a track born from the search for that elusive sound of hard-hitting house stomps that float in the sands of open-air festivals.

Now Waverider single, a track born from the search for that elusive sound of forceful house stomps that float in the arenas of open-air festivals. We are facing a whole lesson, a way of understanding not only music, but culture, beyond the precarious status that currently governs, as something expendable, as if music, books or art did not save us. Forget about this magmatic present for a moment, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by each of the notes that this unique producer proposes, because within Waverider you are safe and it seems that everything is starting over.

It is a unique work, which consolidates a sound full of cinematographic influences, until finding a set that is a progression of chords that are like serotonin pumps, also testimony to a complex era and society, which seeks redemption at all costs. . Few producers know how to play his cards as well as he does, scoring a track that calls into question the rules of the genre, building a timeless set, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all expectations. of dance music.

The result of this is a whole romantic ode to eclecticism, which is held in a strange, dark, and sometimes quite creepy terrain, but it is there where this singular producer achieves his final goal: to sound new without being it, to sound old without looking like it, masterfully alternating each genre and stepping out of the maze knowing that, whether it's been forwards or backwards, the journey has been worth it.

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