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REVIEW: Nick Hanzo, das molekuel presents Chasing Game

Actualizado: 20 jul 2022

Nick Hanzo is a co-founder of Belly Dance Services and also known for his Hanzo & Yaman project. After taking over the label's schedule, the Vienna-based producer/DJ compiled the fourth edition of Varia Worldwide and teamed up with German/Greek vocalist Geraldine. Together as 'das Molecule', the duo's 'Chasing Game' takes you into deeper ground, creating a hollow soundscape with dreamy melodies to spin your molecules around.

To achieve simplicity and lucidity, paradoxically, experience and the ability to know how to free oneself from the limitation of conditioning are required, and this 'Chasing Game' is a healthy example of this.

▶︎ Nick Hanzo

▶︎ das molekuel

▶︎ Belly Dance Services


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