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REVIEW: Night Tales Release Official Cover of The Cure’s, “Lovesong,” Ahead of Debut Album

The Night Tales label has shown us, in its long journey, by a clear commitment to a typology of music producers, which if something characterizes them, is their irregularity, focused on their search for multiple unstable paths and that, weathering the storm, harvesting successes and incorporating everything that experience gives them, they emerge suddenly with proposals as unique and surprising as their own personal trajectory. They work attentively to detect when it is time to enter the studio with the artists to turn everything upside down...

The duo have chosen to reinvigorate this growing genre space with a vein of synthwave music that blends '80s nostalgia with modern electronica. That's why it's about productions that when you approach carefully you get trapped by the halo that it gives off: rare, singular and, here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Beats that mark but without burdening us, an oldschool touch (authentic), somewhat eccentric synthesizers and a rather cheerful and festive general tone, are some of the adjectives that we can get out of our sleeves if we want to describe this innovative proposal.

Brisk production and intrapersonal lyricism mark the first look at the 2022 release schedule for Night Tales. The producers offer up-tempo production, synths, and echoing vocals to present a soundscape that is both emotional and energetic. While Night Tales offers the narration and lyrics for mainstream accessibility, its roots in electronics lend credence to its ability to connect with mainstream and festival audiences alike.

This work seeks novelty without losing nostalgia, which plays with the genre but without falling into predictable tricks, nor the arrogance of those who cling to a genre or mannerism to show that they have personality. Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity, experience and the ability to free oneself from the limitation of conditioning are required, and this work is a healthy example of this.



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