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REVIEW: Parallel presents Seven Close Suns EP [Midnight People]

Inspired by the 1980s anime series Ulysses 31, Parallel's Seven Close Suns EP dives into themes of space and technology. Incorporating sounds from the series, arranged over Italo and hi-hat basslines, the London-based producer delivers 4 original tracks. Birds remixes the title track, with a post-punk and new wave twist, merging his vocals on top for their signature sound.

His latest work, 'Seven Close Suns EP', presents a rich variety of rhythms, lots of groove, contagious basses, galloping arpeggios and breaks full of mystery. The result is a romantic ode to eclecticism, which stands on strange ground, but that is where this unique producer achieves his ultimate goal: to sound new without being it, to sound old without seeming so, masterfully alternating each genre and getting out of the labyrinth knowing that, whether it has been forwards or backwards, the journey has been worthwhile. Few producers know how to play their cards as well as he does, marking a track that calls into question the rules of the genre, building a timeless ensemble, to which we will turn over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all expectations. of dance music.


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