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REVIEW: R.MISSING - Kelly Was a Philistine (bow church Remix)

R. Missing is New York vocalist Sharon Shy and producer Toppy. The enigmatic duo known for their bleak pop noir have released a remix of their cult track "Kelly Was a Philistine" by Berlin producer Bow Church.

Bow Church first made a name for herself on the London witch house scene alongside artists like Crim3s and OKKVLT KɅTT. Their sound evolved after relocating and absorbing the experimental and gothic electronic scene in Berlin.

The original version of "Kelly Was a Philistine" was released on vinyl by the revered French label Talitres as part of the 2017 EP "Unsummering." 2021 has already seen the release of R. Missing's single 'Crimeless' on Sugarcane Recordings with remixes by GusGus and The KVB.

The remix of "Kelly Was a Philistine" by the Berlin producer Bow Church, is a euphoric psychedelic experience, in which each song takes the listener on his own sonic journey, until closing a set as experimental as intense and addictive, which takes sustaining itself as a sweet poison, while progressively transporting us, like few others. other producers with a certain fluency are willing to do so. Built on the legacy of those who came before him, Bow Church has grown into a talent whose music will influence generations to come.

With this work we enter an amazing soundscape. It is an energetic and dark adventure, capable of completely resetting us.


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