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REVIEW: Sceti - Feel Alive [Exlove]

Latvian Alisa Scetinina aka Gaisma teams up with Rework for an exciting new collaborative project, Sceti. They debut on the Exlove label with a fantastic four-track EP of song-led synth disco.

Scetinina is a former ballet dancer at the Stuttgarter Ballet, and now an accomplished vocalist. She fronts this powerful new outfit which is produced by Playhouse and Exlove artists Rework aka Daniel Varga & Michael Kuebler. Between them, they cook up a unique vibe that straddles the lines between disco, new wave, indie, electro and synthpop. They do so with vintage synths, minimal drum machine patterns and dreamy soundscape-like vocals from Alisa. We do not know where to register his latest work, as he is able to navigate between various genres with ease and mastery. 'Feel Alive' is probably his most honest and eclectic retro-futuristic electronic record to date. This latest work, more narrative and cinematographic, invites us to enjoy it both at home and on the dance floor.

His latest work is a euphoric psychedelic experience, in which each song takes the listener on his own sonic journey, until closing a set as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes over oneself like a sweet poison, while progressively transporting us, like few. other producers with a certain fluency are willing to do so. Built on the legacy of those who came before it, Sceti has grown into a talent whose music will influence generations to come.

With this work we enter an amazing soundscape. It is an energetic and danceable adventure, capable of completely resetting us.



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