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REVIEW: SHE LIES presents Everything

Berlin-based disco new wave band SHE LIES present their third EP release this summer. The new September release "Everything" contains 3 new tracks between disco, post-punk, syntwave and indie.

It must be stressed that the level of production of these guys is intense but, on the other hand, the care of the sounds they release is up to those who do things because they want to and with the time they really need. That's why it's about productions that when you approach carefully you get trapped by the halo that it gives off: rare, singular and, here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Its beats are deeply manic, moving towards synth-driven krautwave monsters, tweaked with catchy female vocals with a post-punk/new wave feel.

SHE LIES seeks novelty without losing nostalgia, which plays with the genre but without falling into predictable tricks, nor the arrogance of those who cling to a genre or mannerism to show they have personality. Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity, experience and the ability to free oneself from the limitation of conditioning are required, and this "No Landing Year" is a healthy example of this.

This is their third EP recorded on Exlove Records, the new label of the guys from REWORK (Playhouse, My Favorite Robot, Exlove).

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