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REVIEW: Sofia Alcon presents Harmonic Sound [Defmain]

Sofia Alcon has kept strong techno patterns and subtle tones more personal and close to her pure harmonic state. Her meticulous approach to sound design has grown exponentially since her last release on Defmain and her contribution to the techno scene is eminent.

Sofía works techno with substance, and she will not hesitate to change the frequencies in the loudest kick drum as she pleases. This is how she performs "Harmonic Sound" where she performs patterns without causing a break in the beat, but she will create just the right amount of energy to keep the crowd satisfied.

"Harmonic Sound" is a euphoric psychedelic experience, in which each song takes the listener on his own sonic journey, until closing a set as experimental as it is intense and addictive, that takes over oneself like a sweet poison, while progressively transporting us , like few. other producers with a certain fluency are willing to do so. Built on the legacy of those who came before her, Sofia Alcon has grown into a talent whose music will influence generations to come.

The result of this "Harmonic Sound" is a romantic ode to eclecticism, which takes place in strange, dark and sometimes quite chilling terrain, but it is there that this singular producer achieves his ultimate goal: sound new without being new, sound old . Without looking like it, masterfully alternating each genre and leaving the labyrinth knowing that, it has been forward or backward, the trip has been worth it.


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