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REVIEW: Tears Of Happiness - Falling

Tears of Happiness is a collaborative electronic pop project between singer-songwriter Bally Meeda and producer LCamz.

The new single "Falling" revolves around the ups and downs of addiction, and how the journey can begin with all the benefits of heavenly erotic pleasures, but soon travels a path of pain, suffering and loneliness. The track is a call to those who may be suffering and cannot break this vicious cycle, or feel that they can draw closer.

We do not know where to register his latest work, as he is able to navigate between various genres with ease and mastery. 'Falling' is probably his most honest and eclectic retro-futuristic electronic record to date. This latest work, more narrative and cinematographic, invites us to enjoy it both at home and on the dance floor.

The result of this return of the duo is a whole romantic ode to eclecticism, which is sustained in an ambiguous terrain sometimes between multiple genres, but it is there where this singular producer achieves his final goal: to sound new without being it, to sound old without looking like it, masterfully alternating each genre and stepping out of the maze knowing that, whether it's been forwards or backwards, the journey has been worth it.




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