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There are artists who, in order to go beyond their sound, have to get rid of their original name and create another, but then there are others who, in order to go further, have to rediscover themselves again, to create a sound whose starting point is not born both from the attempt to cross borders and to recover them. This is the case of the producers who participate in the compilation of the Impresion label, producing the most ingenious and creative electronic music that longs to knock back on the dance floors.

The compilation brings together producers who stand out above the current House scene for their mix between the use of samples and sounds, which connects them directly with sounds that range from complex sounds and grooves to more accessible proposals. Since they followed their instinct and began to produce what they really felt they could do, without stopping making proposals as interesting as they are unique, which have called into question the trite cliché that nothing is being produced that is out of uniformity in the market.

This work that unites them demonstrates the particular way both producers understand sound, located at the opposite end of the commercial, the generic, what works: what they do is, on the contrary, a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiance, with melodic outlines and blurred textures, pursuing a calm, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which he was nurtured dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

In the end, together, they end up creating an album where there is a very careful balance between the ambition of their intentions and the greatness of their results, managing to go further, a task that is not easy at all. But the level is up there, and both producers can be proud of having initialed and reaffirmed their entry into the history of electronic music.


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