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Ricco presents Visitations [Worst Records]

The fifth opus of the Worst Records library could appear as an audiobook for transcendental meditations. If the idea of ​​trance-induced state is no surprise in the music we deliver to the world, this new album by Ricco goes beyond. The pair formed by Gil.Barte, head of Kump Records, and HLM38, in charge of house Notte Brigante, dare to offer a sinuous collection of mantras melted in light, silver dust and darkness. This last reference consolidates the career of a producer who does not lack notable virtues, presented with such unique and fresh nuances, which manage to shape unique pieces, as enjoyable in a club as at home. drum'n'bass-ish half tempo incantations and other mystic hybrid forms not so far from Kode 9esque or Shakletonists reminiscences, just to name a few.

All of these tracks come together, in the manner of a philosophical essay, until they combine an album as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes possession of oneself as a sweet poison, while it transports us progressively and boisterously, as few producers with determined fluency they are willing to do, condensing two ideas that it seemed that we were no longer going to recover: future and permanence.


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