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Richard Seeley launches EP series 'The Seeza Project' on GLUE

Richard Seeley, the label head at Glue Music, drops a bomb 'fresh' 3-tracker with just over 30 mins of music... Track one, Bumpf at 13 mins it takes patience but from the off compels the listener immediately, an atmospheric, ominous teasing track with chugging bass and hypnotic synth with a trippy vocal that is worth the wait. Next up Clumpf delivers an unrelenting dystopian, sticky-rhythm, intentionally understated with sound designed ethereal analogue stabs and a cog type atmospheric, weaving through the driving beat and percussion, one for the heads. To round the release off, Grumpf. Provides a deeper sounding heavy groove, with a memorable hook-like grubby bassline and moog analogue synth stabs leaning towards a nostalgic house music vibe. Glue Music has previously worked with respected heavy weight producers such as Bruno Pronsato, Pheek, Peace Division's Justin Drake, Sierra Sam, and fabric resident Terry Francis left his sonic footprint, remixing for Seeley, who released 'The Ticket' under the moniker of 'Self Self' (with Andreas Georgiades) on Glue Music in 2019. "The Seeza Project" will consist of a series of releases scheduled for consistent distribution spanning the rest of 2023 and throughout 2024 and beyond.

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