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Rising producer Cristoph releases two brand new tracks from his forthcoming EP FaCet Vol.2

UK electronic music DJ/producer Cristoph is back with his masterfully crafted new EP FaCet Vol.2, beginning with the release of the exhilarating focus track ‘I Will Find You’ and B side, ‘The Shift’ on 5th October. Expanding his sonic horizons with expansive progressive productions, Cristoph’s latest release is a treat for fans of melody-driven soundscapes as well as club-ready anthems. FaCet Vol.2 will be released in three sets of two tracks each, starting on 5th October with focus track ‘I Will Find You’, a brooding and electrifying slow-builder that sets the tone for the EP. “No matter where you go I will find you”, goes the ominously repeated central hook. Its stunning b-side, ‘The Shift’ introduces bright synth melodies and swooning strings into the mix. The full EP will drop on 2nd November to round out the release. EP opener ‘Cascade’ kicks off the release with an uptempo banger bursting with instantly memorable topline melodies. Finally, closing track ‘Wheels’ gives FaCet Vol.2 the euphoric climax it deserves, culminating in a dazzling blend of flawless pianos and synths over a rolling groove.

From sneaking into his local club to DJ as a teen to performing season-long residencies at Ibiza’s most extravagant club, Hï, Cristoph’s journey to global stardom is a tale of passion and hard-work, underpinned by a supreme talent and energy which has seen the British DJ and producer catapult into the eyes -and ears -of dance music’s biggest names. Inspired by the Chicago house scene whilst growing up in Newcastle, England, Cristoph sought influence from the sounds of acts like Masters at Work and the progressive tones of Sasha & Digweed, as well as his own upbringings. With Cristoph’s brother landing him his first spot in a local Newcastle venue, the DJ’s father was the figure responsible for the purchase of his first pair of decks. Mastering his craft on vinyl, Cristoph soon started to hone his talents in the studio, receiving his first big break via the tutorship of Hot Since 82, aka Daley Padley. Following his widely supported release ‘Alone’ on Knee Deep in Sound, it was a meeting with another of dance music’s A-list names that changed the course of Cristoph’s future, when Eric Prydz, impressed by the Geordie’s crisp productions and acclaimed EP 8-track, offered him a spot on his new ‘Pryda Presents’ label. Releases such as ‘Feel’ and ‘EPOCH’ saw Cristoph quickly become a giant in the world of progressive house. Bringing his atmospheric productions to all corners of the globe, Cristoph’s sumptuous tones have seen the DJ play at the world’s biggest festivals and events, including Tomorrowland, Arc Festival, Parklife, Creamfields, Ultra Miami, Electric Zoo and EDC Las Vegas.

Now considered a regular among the Ibizan summer residency stalwarts, Cristoph has further instilled his unique talent into the public consciousness and helped cement this talent as a global force. Having previously released on iconic labels such as Bedrock, Suara, Noir, Last Night on Earth, and Yoshi Toshi, 2020 saw Cristoph join the Anjunadeep family with two hugely successful releases in the form of ‘Big H 2020’ and ‘SFB’.

Following on from the series of Consequence of Society radio shows, 2022 saw the launch of the label under the same moniker – Consequence of Society Recordings. Now having his own outlet has allowed Cristoph to release music at his own formidable rate including hugely anticipated classics like ‘Turning Away’ and ‘The Edge’ and in 2023 C.O.S. Recordings dropped the first FaCet series of waterfall release EP’s which showcase every side of this talented producer's musical strengths. 2023 also saw the single ‘Breathe’ collaboration with Camelphat reach platinum status, a true milestone in any musician's career. The future looks utterly solid for Cristoph. Touring has never been so globally prolific, musical productions have never been so widely well received and the release schedule of his own productions along with cherry picked remixes stretches far into the distant future.

Following on from the acclaimed FaCet Vol.1 released earlier this year, FaCet Vol.2 shows the strides Cristoph is making as a producer, crafting some of the most anthemic house music around today.

Tracklist FaCet Vol. 2.1 - 5th Oct I Will Find You The Shift

FaCet Vol. 2.2 - 19th Oct

Come With Me

The Flute FaCet Vol. 2.0 - 2nd Nov Cascade Wheels I Will Find You The Shift Come With Me The Flute


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