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Sedef Adasï presents Fantasy Zone [Public Possession]

Sedef Adasï, originally from Augsburg, resides at the Munich Blitz Club and is the founder of the HAMAM Nights parties. Previously, he has contributed songs to the Permanent Vacation and Freeride Millenium compilations. Now Adasï has the first EP of him on Public Possession.

Fantasy Zone is the result of the German DJ honing her production skills during the confinement. It is a mix of house, acid and electro, with his voice in Turkish in "Gel Gidelim" (which translates as "let's go"). Fantasy Zone will be released on the Munich-based label on June 4.

Each of these tracks is a demonstration of how well it manages to transport the listener to another dimension. Forget for a moment about this magmatic present, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by each of the notes that this singular producer proposes to you, because within Fantasy Zone, you are safe and it seems that everything is starting again.

Fantasy Zone builds a timeless EP, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all expectations of dance music.

Public Possession will launch Fantasy Zone on June 4, 2021.


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