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Shawn Jackson presents ‘Higher Ground Radio’ – October

Shawn Jackson’s ‘Higher Ground Radio’ continues to stand out within Electronic Music; ever unique in the powerful sound it offers, the radio show’s continued growth in popularity appears as a credit to its trailblazing and influential nature. As October presented yet more exciting moments, delivering high-impact mixes and hard-hitting sets, ‘Higher Ground Radio’ further cemented itself as a significant force on the scene.

It is no surprise that Shawn Jackson’s radio show keeps emerging as one of the leading listens within Electronic Music; with such an experienced and well-established Producer at its helm, ‘Higher Ground Radio’ has all it needs to become the fore-running tastemaker within the genre. Having had over 30 years in the industry and over 200 chart-topping releases, there is no denying the high level of both knowledge and perspective on the genre that Shawn Jackson is able to bring to his show; acting as the backbone to his creativity, his long-standing career within Electronic Music continues to support his expert exploration into the genre and his ability to present exciting and engaging listens with every episode. A true talent when it comes to curating sonically immersive listening experiences, Shawn Jackson continues to solidify his already prominent place on the scene, reaffirming himself as a talent to keep watching as his exploration into his creative expression seems far from over.

Having worked to establish his radio show, Shawn Jackson has taken ‘Higher Ground Radio’ to even higher heights; now being hosted across his YouTube channel, with episodes dropped weekly, ‘Higher Ground Radio’ is sure to reach even further across the globe, poised to soar in popularity as even more listeners tune in to hear the invigorating signature sound of Shawn Jackson. October’s episodes featured tracks from top Electronic Music names like Mochakk, FISHER, and Diplo, delivering an energetic layer of excitement that is sure to have left listeners desperate for more. With his creativity seeming ever-expansive as he continues to find new ways to express his passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music, Shawn Jackson is a Producer and DJ not to be missed. Make sure to tune into November’s episodes of ‘Higher Ground Radio’ as the month will no doubt bring yet another collection of smash listens.

Listen to ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ here:

Shawn Jackson Online Beatport | Soundcloud | Instagram


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