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TOP 20 TRACKS [2020]

In keeping with the tradition of the holiday season, we have put together a list of of 20 tracks and 5 sets that we believe are the best of 2020. Stay safe and healthy!

TOP 20 TRACKS [2020]

Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance (Paradise Mix) [Love On The Rocks]

Sleep D - Freak Of [Butter Sessions]

Mouissie - Callisto [Ritmo Fatale]

Pablo Bozzi - The Last Moscow Mule [Dischi Autunno]

St. Theodore - Furious Wave [Italo Moderni]

Lisene - Class 92 [Banoffee Pies Records]

No Moon - Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way [CHURCH]

OCB - Jonas Algorithm [Warning]

Dylan Forbes - Soma [COYMIX]

Younger Than Me & Skatebård - Lastens Badehus [90's Wax]

Skatebard & Lauer - Volpi Polari [Live At Robert Johnson]

Nico Morano - Merci Paris (Biesmans remix) [Sincopat]

Parissior - Pulse (Freudenthal Remix) [Esthetique Records]

Kid Simius - Ford Granada [TAU]

Panthera Krause - Redo Rdid (Fango Remix) [Riotvan]

Dombrance - Tulum [Fauna Reve]

Zombies In Miami - Fantasy [Logical Records]

Alan Dixon - Acid Drop [Running Back]

Ricco Casazza - Purplewave [Dyonisian Mysteries]

Soft Crash - Unusual Poses [BITE]


Holly Lester [Ying Yang Mix]

Job Jobse [Boiler Room]

Skatebard - Trevarefabrikken, Henningsvær

Adrián Marth [Chromatic Club]

Pablo Bozzi [Traxx Magazine]


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