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Vicky Montefusco

Actualizado: 25 mar 2020

"The position of the music will always be unchanged, that is vital for all, it can excite, heal and fall in love"

Hi Vicky, I would like to thank you for your time! First of all, I want to know how are you feeling at this moment and where are you playing these days or weeks?

Thanks to you guys for the interest in me, the summer is coming then and as if I felt more free mentally, I will play next July 10 in a place near Naples How and when did you get into music and electronic music?

My first approach to turntables was at the age of 12, encouraged by my oldest cousin, who also had the brilliant idea of converting my first name "Vincenzo" into a unisex alias like "Vicky". first gig was at the age of 16 years back in 1999 in a club near home. What music has influenced you and are there any which would surprise you?

As a clubbing and DJ set, I was very influenced by the house music and the American DJs who constantly landed in Italy in the second half of the 90s. The productions are very influenced by the sound of Depeche Mode, which in addition to inspire me very musically, represent in the true sense of the word, the soundtrack of my life How did you first break into Djing.

As mentioned before, at the age of 12 in 1996 with my oldest cousin, we played in a basement and sometimes in the so-called "warehouse party" with friends. Where are you and what have you been doing today.

Today is Sunday, so total relax, and I'm here on my sofa with my laptop, having a lot of fun answering to your questions ;) What is the musical criteria of Vicky Montefusco? Seriousness, passion, commitment, persistence. We all know the digital revolution has affected sales but has it affected creativity? One of the biggest dilemmas in history.) Well, another sure thing is that it has more open the market, giving more or less the possibility to everyone, then it is up to every producers to play this possibility in the best way, or create in a certain way or less, the same goes for the labels, or bet on quality or quantity or more ... to be clear.

Tell me about your first ever set, do you still remember it vividly?

It 'been a while ago, but fortunately I'm still young enough to remember the fragments.It' was in 1999 in a club about 10 kilometers from my hometown, and what I can tell you that a few minutes before the set I was excited, but not hesitant, the concentration was too much in doing well that set that went above all. Any tips for budding or aspiring Djs?

It will seem obvious, but do everything with passion and love. Making everything with passion and love the result will certainly be quality, unlike if you do it only mechanically, in search of fame and money, come out of things without soul, the music goes respected and needs free artists, not workers who work in an assembly line (with all due respect for those who do this work). And yet, learn to mix especially with vinyl, as far as I'm concerned it is at the base of all the art of djing.

One of the main features of your approach as a DJ is to both entertain and educate an audience.

Absolutely, the goal is to entertain the public without ever forgetting to engrave with their own imprint. To you as a person, what is the most important piece of work you have created in your life? As a person, as far as I am concerned, I have earned the respect of others day by day as a good one, this is the best project of my life. What is one deep thought that you’ve had recently?

Just that I'm always too deep in anything that happens to me, and sometimes I'm wrong, considering the world in which we live that often is made of superficiality and appearances and people are lazy to deepen more.But as always happens then I think about it and I say that a person must be as he is. What would be your all-time ultimate festival/venue to play at?

Last October at the A-Seven Club in Berlin, in the last few months I have been very focused in the studio and dedicated time to my "normal" job that allows me to live. Do you have any vision or personal predictions about music evolving in the future and its position in the world? More than predictionns is a hope for the future, I hope that in the near future we will return to the origins, where we pay less attention to appearances and marketing and more to content. The position of the music will always be unchanged, that is vital for all, it can excite, heal and fall in love.

Upcoming Projects?

About production as "Vicky Montefusco",i have a forthcoming vinyl release with the spanish label "Dusk and Waves" plus doing a remix for the argentinian "Teqwave" As new project that will be called "Son & Stepson" with my partner Karmine Domenicano,we have a easy release for the italian Slow Motion records,we would love to perform especially as live set but time to time do not disdain a b2b dj set. About gigs: we are close to Sonar time, so maybe we will see soon in Barcelona to celebrating our love together At "Freedonia club", then i will have a set in.


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