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Walker & Royce Recruit Upstart Producer FOOLiE for New EP, The Reason, on Rules Don’t Apply Label

West Coast Producer FOOLiE has looked to make an impression since first appearing a few years ago, making his brand of ‘Sci-Fi’ influenced House music known from Coast-to-Coast. Next up, the producer receives a co-sign from Walker & Royce, who are set to release his latest EP, The Reason, on their Rules Don’t Apply label.

Quote from FOOLiE on the EP:

“The majority of the tunes I’ve made have been inspired by my love for everything Sci-Fi and this release is no different. I make these heavy beats, then add elements and sounds that wouldn’t be out of place in classic thrillers – those tunes that evoke a sense of dread. I just feel that this combination is going to get people moving one way or another. If Jordan Peele needs music for a club scene I think he should definitely hit my line.”

Going against the norm has been FOOLiE’s modus operandi from the start. Having dabbled in producing Trap, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep tunes, FOOLiE eventually found his true calling in House music. House really allows him to flex his interest in the strange with tunes heavily influenced by his love for all things Sci-Fi. It’s this affinity for “the strangest of sounds” that landed him his first release on Maximono’s This Ain’t Bristol in late ’17, arguably one of the hottest labels at the time.

In short order FOOLiE went from being completely unknown, to releasing on TAB and shortly after debuting at San Francisco’s top clubs for House Music, Audio SF, courtesy of the taste makers at Space Yacht. Since then he has yet to let up on his relentless work ethic. He’s been on an absolute tear adding tracks to his catalogue with releases on labels such as Dirtybird, Trippy Ass Technologies, Box of Cats, Psycho Disco, Main Course, My Techno Weighs a Ton, Medium Well, House of Hustle, Audiophile XXL, and handful of self-releases. In addition to this he has enjoyed the regular appearances at clubs all across the SF Bay Area as well as the appearances he has made in the Central Valley, The Mojave Desert, Reno and Tampa.

Despite starting off with virtually no following, FOOLiE’s relentless work ethic has more than cemented his presence in the underground scene as well as made him a staple in the Bay Area scene. Breaking into the scene like he did is no small feat but capitalizing on it and constantly putting out work like he has is something to behold. To say he hit the ground running is an understatement and it’s only a matter of time before his career truly takes off.

Even though the pandemic put a hard stop to club appearance the work never stopped. With the reopening of clubs came his biggest release, the Conversations Album out on Trippy Ass Technologies, his most ambitious effort thus far. This 15-track project was followed by a slew of releases including drops on Basement Leak, Box of Cats, and This Ain’t Bristol (once more), to name a few. Now, it’s back to business-as-usual tearing up the local clubs, the underground afters, and headlining appearances across the country.

Quote from FOOLiE on working with Walker & Royce, Rules Don’t Apply:

“Lately I’ve been experimenting more with R&B type vocals and that shows on this project, they balance out the dark vibes. I’m really happy that this got picked up by RDA. I’ve been doing this for a while but it always blows my mind when people I’ve looked up to for a long time tell me they really dig the stuff I send them. Really appreciate Walker & Royce, Astronomar and the rest of the RDA team for their support.”

Walker & Royce have defined their career with three simple words: Rules Don’t Apply. This ethos is reflected in their genre-straddling studio output, and in their eponymous radio show, which puts other risk takers on display. Walker & Royce took their Rules Don’t Apply motto to new heights in 2021 with their new record label. The duo’s first release saw Dances With White Girls drop the boisterous single “Skinny Dipping,” as well as the debut of its two-sided SPLITS series, which offers two singles from two artists that are paired and released as an EP.

Rules Don’t Apply is a fitting progression in Walker & Royce’s artistic journey. With a focus of quality and innovation regardless of genre or style, they can now focus their decade-plus of underground influence into nurturing the next generation of trendsetters.

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