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Xploding Plastix presents 'This Is Accurate' on Beatservice Records

After a decade away, Xploding Plastix aka Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen are now very much back to their best and making thrilling and subversive sounds as they have always done. Early albums like their debut 'Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents' on Beatservice Records marked them out for fans and critics alike and showcased their brilliantly beguiling blend of off-grid beats, futuristic melodies and cinematic sounds. Later moving into designing music for film, TV and computer games they have recently returned to underground electronic music and now make their biggest and best statement yet with the majestic full-length 'This Is Accurate'.

It is a 14-track whirlwind of emotions and rhythms that kicks off with the melancholic and sinewy 'Starting At Undone'. 'Average Agreeableness' sounds like a fax machine in meltdown and 'Cheese Paralysis' is hyper-real dance-pop full of glistening surfaces and bright melodies. A similar future aesthetic defines the more introverted 'The Bike Shed' and 'Knife Fight With Mark' which takes you into a world of dark electronic jazz. Elsewhere you can find mournful digital laments like 'Two Nickels To Rub' overlaid with what sounds like a hopeful oboe lead and the mesmeric synthesis of 'Troubles Brought No Joy To Begin With' which is another stunningly emotional electronic lullaby. Forlorn melodies and heavy-hearted broken beats continue through 'When The Cockroach Lands' while 'Frugality Inertia' is a busy flurry of spinning rhythms and fizzing pads, detuned synths and chaotic drums that coalesce into something joyous and 'Treat It Like A Math Problem' is a rousing orchestral manoeuvre made from malfunctioning electronic sound. Closer 'Let's Get Forgotten' shows this pair can do heart-aching piano tenderness as well as electronic pandemonium. 'This Is Accurate' is another innovative and left-of-centre album from Xploding Plastix that once again marks them out as unique and maverick musical minds.

The album arrives via Beatservice Records on the 24th of November and is available to pre-order HERE.


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