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Âme's Frank Weidemann rounds off four track remix collection of Awkward Moments' ' Life On Venus

Life On Venus – Remixed & Reimagined” is the new multi-disciplinary project from London-based duo Awkward Moments, comprising of producer & electronic composer Mimi Xu and multi-instrumentalist & lead vocalist MAGUIRE. The remix project sees the pair open up a dialogue about the fluidity of gender in an often polarised world. By inviting their male producer & DJ friends to remix the hyper-feminine queer love story ’Life On Venus’ – a track that celebrates both the transcendental and uniting powers of psychedelics in deepening connection – a wide range of musical responses have emerged, exposing the nuanced layers of masculinity that is often regarded in dangerously binary terms. “If we really want patriarchy to change, we are in trouble if we turn our backs on men,” Bell Hooks This series welcomes responses from the likes of –Trey Mirror, N-Gynn, Hans Berg & Frank Wiedemann – that will become part of a limited edition vinyl, set for a staggered waterfall release throughout the coming months with the first EP due for 21st April 2023. A second EP will follow with remixes by the likes of Ewan Pearson, Craig Richards, and Sasha in October 2023 to complete the collection.



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