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Acado & MonoAbe release Quien Soy feat Irali

Berlin artists Acado join focrces with MonoAbe and vocalist Irali. From this gathering arises "Quien Soy" a track with a juicy bass line, citric synthesisers, ice cold percussions and a colourful vocal performance. Piña Colada meets a reflective space that invites the listener to think about existence in the cosmos. Being a human means to deal with fears, certainties and doubts. Very high, positive, confusing and bright feelings that melt in a beautiful piece of music, visiting the duality that defines our nature. Artists Acado, MonoAbe and Iralí are long friends of the label "We Küyen Music" so that a particularly positively charged production has come out, which with its summer vibes perfectly sets the mood for evenings full of pina colada, frisky mood and good vibes. The delightfully organic production fuses superbly with the vocalist's vocals, making this an uplifting track full of sunshine in the arrangement.

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