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Alex Stein shares ‘The Chant’, his first EP on “all-time favourite label” Drumcode

Stream & Download link:

Cat no.: DC303

Label: Drumcode

Release date: out now

Format: Vinyl / Digital

Alex Stein is the latest artist to step up for his debut Drumcode EP, following a stellar contribution to A-Sides Vol.12.

The Lisbon-based Brazilian artist has been a lock for stunning techno productions stretching back over 10 years, with quality drops on labels including Terminal M and Tronic. Last year he tightened his relationship with the DC crew, playing Drumcode events at Uebel & Gefährlich in Hamburg and the Blue Tree Songkran festival in Thailand, before a label debut on A-Sides Vol.12 with the excellent ‘Hydra’. Few could disagree: his debut EP on Adam Beyer’s label feels richly deserved.

‘The Chant’ EP is a powerful triumvirate of cuts. The title track is a transcendental gem, led by a rousing vocal and psy elements, without losing any dancefloor punch. ‘Rush’ begins life as a rugged slice of techno, before a dark melodic underbelly finds its laser-kissed feet and propels the track into peak-time territory. ‘Tantra’ takes the baton, with a foot in pummelling bass-driven techno and goa-trance alike, elevated by an evocative vocal.

“This release has been the culmination of many years of work, trials and errors. Drumcode is my all-time favourite and most influential label so it is safe to say that I have always dreamt of releasing music on this iconic imprint and I am thankful to Adam for believing in me, having me perform at the Drumcode events and giving my music a place to call home. Cannot wait to see what is yet to come.” – Alex Stein

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