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Following successful hits including ‘Cigarettes’ and ‘Get Down’, Do Not Duplicate Recordings welcomes back California-based DJ and producer alltalk with his latest sonic endeavor ‘Champagne Paradise’. Serving as his third official release of the year, ‘Champagne Paradise’ features alltalks unique sound design that has earned him the title of "King Of Bay Area Groove”. With his innovative and genre-defying approach to dance music, alltalk has crafted a dynamic and eclectic sound that seamlessly blends elements of tech house, techno and funk to create a truly unique, sonic auditory experience. ‘Champagne Paradise’ is due for release April 28 via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

With ’Champagne Paradise’, rising DJ and producer alltalk invites listeners to embark on an exhilarating journey of sound to a hot summer night. The groovy summer hit serves as a premier example of alltalk’s unique production style, seamlessly blending funk-infused basslines and exuberant synths that have become a hallmark of his signature sound. The track features infectious rhythms and upbeat melodies that come together with morphing, shimmering synths, driving percussion, and body-moving beats to create an energizing and invigorating soundscape suitable for any setting. ‘Champagne Paradise’ is guaranteed to transport listeners to a paradise of infectious beats and endless summer vibes, solidifying alltalk’s position as a rising star in the dance music space.

The latest to come from alltalk is poised to make a splash in the dance music scene, further solidifying his reputation as one of the foremost players within the genre. With his distinct sound and unique production techniques, alltalk offers a fresh and exciting perspective to the house music genre. His rapidly expanding fanbase and inherent musical creativity have established him as an artist to watch as he continues to carve his own path within the dance music landscape. Boasting captivating rhythms and lively beats, ‘Champagne Paradise’ exemplifies his outstanding musical prowess, reinforcing his position as a rising star in the house music space.

ABOUT ALLTALK -- Hailed as the King of Bay Area Groove, alltalk is a tech-house DJ and producer taking the dance floor by storm with his extremely groovy percussion and signature thumping bass lines. Now, he’s taking on 2023 with his one of a kind sound to keep the dancefloor moving and dispel all the rumor that he is just all talk.


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