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Amaeo005 presents Rumble

Amaeo proudly announces the return of its label head, Theologos, with the

much- anticipated 'Amaeo005' release. Theologos, known for his cinematic

soundscapes, takes us on a journey through two extraordinary tracks,

'Rumble' and 'Cats Do Cry.’

'Rumble,' the opening act of this electrifying EP, unfolds with a bumpy

rhythm that steadily propels you forward. The relentless, pumping bassline is

the driving force, immersing you in its hypnotic groove. Theologos' sonic

signature for cinematic drums is evident in 'Rumble,' with a powerful drop

and a bassline that dives deep.

As the journey continues, 'Cats Do Cry' welcomes you with a melancholic

embrace accompanied by brutal cellos, lending the track an air of dramatic

grandeur. The track captivates with a lead melody that echoes the haunting

whine of a cat, harmoniously intertwined with the pulse of cinematic drums.

With 'Rumble,' Theologos establishes himself as a significant figure in

electronic music through his ongoing commitment to exploring the

boundaries of Melodic Techno.


1. Theologos - Rumble

2. Theologos - Cats Do Cry

Release Date: 24.11.2023

Cover Artwork: Amaeo



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