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AMELI PAUL Release ‘Love For One Another’ EP via MEIOSIS Records

Actualizado: 4 ago 2023

[Friday, August 4 – Berlin, Germany] German live act and vocal electronica outfit, Ameli Paul, release their EP Love For One Another via independent Berlin-based imprint MEIOSIS. Our generation is seemingly dancing at the cliff of the edge. A paradoxical state of solitude amidst a sea of faces. It feels like the beginning, but overall rather like the end. As we stand isolated, shrouded in shadows and doubts, love - in all its forms and manifestations - emerges as the guiding light we yearn for. It's what brings us together when everything else seems to fall apart. Ameli Paul has encapsulated the sentiment of our generation in their latest EP, "Love For One Another." The title track comes with a gloomy breakbeat, a fat 808 bass drum, captivating and dynamic vocals as well as a striking lead synth line. It’s about the devastating situation society has put itself in right now and invites the listener to share love with one another. The track is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Harry Delgas, which transforms the feeling of the music into a dystopian visual experience. ‘Hangry’ adds a more sinister yet playful tone to the EP, paying tribute to the music of the 90s when utopias remained in the grasp of an earlier generation.

Speaking about the EP, Ameli Paul commented: “This EP reflects our melancholic yet hopeful thoughts about the world and our private lives. After playing those two tracks in our live set for the last year, we are more than content to finally release them on our home label Meiosis with a stirring remix by Skatman. For the lyrics we joined forces with Matija Vlatković, with whom we have collaborated with for the theater play ‘Invisible Game’ that addresses illegal pushbacks at the European border.” Skatman, who has gained a lot of recognition for his releases on labels likes Innervision and Correspondent, adds a reconstruction of Hangry in his distinctive style of blending old-school with the contemporary: “The idea was to reinterpret the track, into something danceable while keeping the soothing, soulful and dreamy characteristics of the original vocals.” The EP represents a significant milestone in their musical journey, as Ameli Paul continue to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of electronic music. Following the success of their album "Echoes of Memoria" and a support tour for Monolink, Ameli Paul have proven their ability to captivate audiences on concert stages, in clubs, and at festivals. They have played sold-out shows expanding their fanbase worldwide. Ameli Paul’s magic has touched

venues and festivals such as the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul Velodrom Berlin, Xtra Zurich, C/O Pop, MS Dockville, Fusion Festival and many others.

Ameli Paul – Love For One Another is out now via MEIOSIS Records Tracklist: 1. Ameli Paul – Love For One Another (Original Mix) 2. Ameli Paul – Hangry (Original Mix) 3. Ameli Paul – Hangry (Skatman Reconstruction) Music by Ameli Paul Lyrics by Ameli Paul & Matja Vlatković Mixed by Aaron Ahrends Mastered by Stefan Thomas Artwork by Daensen Music Video by Harry Delgas

LYRICS: Love for one another We sleep All’s foregone Raining ash And tears Black sky No sun colors fears We cry Floating in fire Laugh while lost We drown On our own But Love for one another We’re one forever Love for one another We’re one

On Love for One Another lyrics: The lyrics of the EP’s title song touch upon the perceived nihilist apathy which grows all around us, people seem to solely care about their own successes or failures - drowning in our own problems and cul-de-sacs. While we sleep in such a consumerist-individualist society important events and decisions are missed out on, foregone conclusions are decided for us. Climate catastrophes make ash rain upon communities near wildfires, and darkened skies reflect our moods in what many feel as (pre-)apocalyptic times - at least for our species. We cry and mourn lost opportunities to change the path of history, however, we keep being reminded of a simplistic yet powerful mantra: Love for One Another, because we are nothing on our own. Collectivity is strength - we are one forever. In other words, solidarity and love are values that will never lose their importance and effect on our everyday life and routines. To understand that we are truly one, means acting according to the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all. Such an understanding and the subsequent struggle for love can lead to a completely different social organization. How we approach each other, how we talk to one another, support and help one another will ultimately create the conditions in which many worlds become possible or as Durruti already romantically showed 87 years ago: We carry a new world here, in our hearts.

Hangry Spinning ‘round and ‘round Abandoned, decrowned Sad funny clown I see you down Won’t work though you try tears learned to fly Shy away from main Find your own door - Let all clouds pass by I’m here, you and I You keep defying when they’re lying I hold you mine sigh a free one’s cry I hold you mine I hold you mine

On Hangry lyrics: The image of the sad funny clown encompasses our perspective on today’s web of contradictions and hypocrisy. Sad - knowing what looms over us and how friendships, communities, relationships of trust and love with others are affected by changes - yet funny; using humor as a weapon of resistance and creativity. One has to shy away from the main(stream) during such difficult moments, to keep true to oneself, to one’s own art, find one’s own door, in order to sigh a truly free one’s cry. To defy the lies of today’s world becomes a torturous daily task - bombarded by social media feeds, insta-beauty standards, spectacle-driven and framing news companies, adverts full of stereotyping etc. - as we simply long for more real connection truth. So we have to hold ourselves (I hold you mine) to not forget who we are and what we want in the first place. Because to let go every once in a while, to let all those clouds pass by and keep spinning around and around, sad funny clown, feels as uplifting as the lead melody of Hangry.




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