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Andrew Canlon - Introducing

Andrew Canlon is starting to establish himself as a force within Electronic Music, garnering attention for his skilled and expert approach. Born and raised in New York City, his musical journey began early, with a foundation built on piano lessons and choir performances. With his background providing a solid technical foundation, which he now seamlessly integrates into his Electronic Music creations, Andrew Canlon appears as a talent on the scene, poised to garner attention as he puts forward compelling music and delivers impressive live shows. 

Andrew Canlon’s path to Electronic Music began to take shape in 2019 when he enrolled in a music production course at the renowned Juilliard School: a pivotal point in his career, this move enabled him to harness his Classical skills and apply them to contemporary music production, cultivating a technically sophisticated approach whilst honing an emotionally resonant sound. Within his music, Andrew Canlon puts forward his own live vocals, creating a unique sonic experience that is both innovative and deeply engaging. As he takes influence from New York, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences in the city, Andrew Canlon seeks to connect with his listeners through his lyrical content, appearing at the cross-section of musicality and narrative storytelling to establish himself as a trailblazer within the genre. 

Andrew Canlon’s commitment towards his craft is exemplified further through his live performances; characterised by their immersive and dynamic nature, a credit to his dedication to authenticity and connection with his audience, Andrew Canlon’s shows are a captivating experience, with each performance a showcase of his skill and talent. With each set carefully crafted to take the audience on a journey, blending narrative threads with musical themes that promote escapism and enjoyment, Andrew Canlon aims to set himself apart from his contemporaries with his original performance style, performing instrumentation live and singing his own songs. Having been focusing his live appearances around his hometown of New York City, Andrew Canlon is now ready to take his sound further afield, determined to see even more audiences enthralled by his style. 

Relentlessly driven and passionate about music, Andrew Canlon’s journey is far from over, continuing to propel him forward as he builds his discography and takes to new stages. Appearing at the cross-section of Electronic Dance Music and Pop ballads, all the while bringing poignant songwriting to his work, Andrew Canlon’s innovative approach and distinct background promise a bright future, positioning him as a standout talent to watch within Electronic Music.

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