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Angel Parilli - Introducing

With a passionate love for music, sustained through a life spent immersed in different sounds, cultures, and creative pursuits, the talented Producer and DJ Angel Parilli steps onto the Electronic Music scene to make his mark, determined to carve out a successful career as he channels dedication, drive, and commitment into his craft. As his talents and skillset continue to result in powerful music, impactful in sound, emotion, and energy, Angel Parilli seems well on his way to gaining recognition across the landscape of Electronic Music, poised to garner attention as he puts forward a high-quality approach and distinct sonic persona. 

The journey that led Angel Parilli to Electronic Music appears nothing short of unique, shaped by his perspective and eclectic range of influences that continue to guide his creativity today. Originating from Venezuela, a melting pot of cultures and rich heritage, Angel Parilli’s musical discovery began when he was a child, surrounded by a spectrum of sound that only expanded further once he started to call Los Angeles home; opened up to an even greater breadth of styles, discovering Punk Rock and Hip Hop, Angel Parilli gained an interest in Electronic Music and now continues to take inspiration from the diversity within the genre, drawn to a varied range of substyles like House, Deep Techno, Big Room, and Tech House.  

With such a rich and extensive musical background, it is no wonder that Angel Parilli now offers such a unique sound within his own work, blending elements to create a signature style that distinctly symbolises his experiences, influences, and personal sonic tastes. From Melodic Techno to Progressive House, the music that Angel Parilli puts forward is continually varied, pushing the extent of his creativity as he works to keep his sound diverse whilst authentically portraying the broad scope of styles that have impacted his musical journey so far. 

As he maintains a work ethic that keeps navigating his signature sound to new ground, Angel Parilli has also been working to expand the reach of his music, directing his focus into building his list of live performances. Having honed a performance style that keeps the energy high and dancefloors moving, Angel Parilli continually delivers original DJ sets; leaning on his knowledge, experience, and expertise, Angel Parilli is able to carefully read crowds, presenting music from across various Electronic Music substyles to create innovative-sounding mixes. Over the past two years, Angel Parilli has garnered opportunities to take his magnetising stage charisma to audiences around the US; now, he remains just as focused on his ambition to reach listeners worldwide, continuing to refine his sound and build his release catalogue to ensure his reputation keeps growing. 

As he finds ways to connect with his fans further, whether through compelling studio productions or DJ performances, Angel Parilli remains a talent to keep watching closely, poised to conquer new sonic ground as he discovers fresh ways to integrate more sounds and styles into his work. A force mighty in approach, enthusiasm, and drive, Angel Parilli has quickly cemented himself as a rising star within Electronic Music today, so be sure to take note.


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