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Are Chinese Pop & EDM about to explode on to the UK music scene?

Actualizado: 16 oct 2023

There is an underground music revolution afoot across the UK and club night 3AM is right at the heart of it. Over the last 12 months this Chinese club night and artist agency has hosted events up and down the country and has just completed a sold out UK Tour stopping off at Leeds, Manchester and London. Showcasing the exciting and emerging sound of Chinese pop and electronic music with increasingly prominent artists playing each time, 3AM has built a dedicated following. You might well have heard of K-pop or J-jazz but C-Pop, C-Rap, C-HipHop and Chinese EDM are some of the equally vital sounds that can now be heard emanating from clubs across the nation. In venues such as The Steel Yard, Loop and Basing House in London to Cargo in Manchester, Playroom in Leeds and ICON in Nottingham, 3am is.... Elsewhere in the industry Live Nation recently announced their new Chinese Pop Festival CCURRENTTdemonstrating the huge momentum which now exists in the UK.

3AM’s first event was in October 2022 and since then they’ve welcomed over 10,000 UK clubbers through their doors. Their launch was such a hit that tickets which originally sold for £20 were changing hands for as much as £150 following its sell out. Alongside C-Pop and C-HipHop you will hear old school sounds like Japanese ‘City Pop’, K-Pop and live

performances. The events have built a reputation for having unrivalled production and they regularly bring in extra lasers, lights shows and pyrotechnics to give their shows an audio visual edge. 3AM now hosts regular events in London and promises more tours and a festival in 2024. Liang Fu is the founder of 3AM and is already carving out a reputation as a pioneer in Chinese music culture in the UK. As well as heading up 3AM’s event schedule he also manages the 3AM artist agency which is helping artists to break out of the Chinese scene and onto the international stage. Many prominent DJs, MCs and dancers are included on its roster such as; Miracle, Joe, Captain, Bowen, LIL White, BIBI and Yii.

"3AM club night at Steel Yard, London"

“There’s definitely an ‘underground’ movement of Chinese pop and electronic music bubbling up within the UK scene. The music has been here for a while but the amount of clubbers going out to experience these sounds has exploded recently and 3AM is at the forefront of this. We’re also so happy to be raising up the artists behind the scenes with our agency work. There are so many amazing DJs, producers, MCs and dancers in China not currently showing up on the world stage because they don’t have a platform. We can offer them amazing gigs here in the UK.” Liang Fu, 3AM

Expect many more club shows as well as a festival in 2024. Fore more information; 3AM -


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