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ARTISTIKA TULUM not just a local sensation but a global phenomenon

Actualizado: 27 may

Artistika, a community born in Tulum, Mexico.

Founded in 2021 by Sam Sparacio & AnVetta, Artistika Tulum has evolved from a weekly radio show, 'On Air,' on Downtown Tulum Radio to a global showcase party featuring unique artists from around the world.

Artistika is not just a local sensation but a globaL phenomenon.

Sam Sparacio & AnVetta, has Recently completed a successful world tour spanning 2023 and 2024, encompassing 15 countries across 4 continents, covering countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Estonia, Israel, Croatia, Mexico, Peru, US, Costa Rica, and more new countries are on the list this year .

Latest release have garnered remarkable success on Beatport, reaching the top 2 , 5 and 10 spots in progressive house, melodic house & techno, and minimal tech charts. 

Their last track together “Quiero divertirme” reach more than 100k on Spotify .


Both Label Managers and A&Rs at Gasoline Records, currently touring around Europe before starting the summer season as resident Djs of the well-known Coral Beach club Dubrovnik in Croatia .





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