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Asem Shama returns with Action & Holon

No doubt, there are not many electronic activists who have over 100 releases and are a part a part of scene for three decades. Asem Shama is one of them. Since the beginning of the 90’s he can be considered as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Germany. Having his roots in Hip Hop, being a renowned rapper. In the 80’s, he made his fi rst experimental steps into producing electronic beats at his friend’s studio. There he found his new musical home and a place where he could develop his creativity in unlimited spheres. In the following years he established himself as one of the key players in techno music, releasing vinyl on labels like Bush, Planet of Drums, Frisbee Tracks, Utils and Spiel-Zeug, making him an underground legend in the German techno scene.

His breakthrough came with the track “Flash”, that was recognized by the remains of the band “Queens” themselves and afterwards was promoted as an o cial remix. He hit Top 20 charts across Europe, marking 15th position in the UK and 17th in Germany. His reputation as a DJ grew constantly, making him play all over the world and getting worldwide reputation. In 2005 he co-founded the label Sportclub focused on a rather minimalistic style of techno. Now his new Action EP is out on Sportclub and is hitting the worldwide clubs and radio stations. For this production Asem draws inspiration from reading spiritual and neuroscientific literature. He transforms the word "Action" into a hyped up techno monster that urges to take action on the dancefloor. The EP's 2nd track "Holon" is something that is simultaneously a whole in and of itself, as well as a part of a larger whole. A drifting flanger symbolizes this bottomlessness. The raw hook leads through, riding on a hefty drum construct.


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